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Pharmacy 360°

As a point of sale, the pharmacy offers a host of options to approach your target group. In order to support sales in the best way possible, Pharmacy 360° combines target-driven market research tools and instruments.

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Future Workshop

Benefit from the day-to-day communication between pharmacists and customers: Your products are introduced to selected pharmacists and pharmaceutical technical assistants during a workshop session. Their feedback regarding your products provides useful ideas and valuable insights. Their first-hand knowledge also provides insight into how they evaluate the pharmacy distribution channel regarding your products.

Flash Poll

A short quantitative survey can quickly provide answers to any questions regarding pharmacy POS. We make use of our extensive databases and panels, which enable our medical recruitment centre to gather and evaluate opinions – e.g. from more than 250 pharmaceutical technical assistants and pharmacists.

Mystery Shopping

Trained test buyers serve as regular pharmacy customers who consult the POS for information and advice, observe purchasing and customer service situations and evaluate the purchase according to defined criteria.

This is how we can provide you with an objective evaluation of the customer service quality of a specific pharmacy according to a pre-defined catalogue of requirements. Does the approach to sales correspond with your expectations? Is your product argumentation adequately conveyed to the pharmacists and pharmacy technicians- and extension to the patients-via your sales force? Are displays and other POS materials placed according to your recommendations? The data is collected via iPad and can be checked on a daily basis. These results are turned into precise suggestions for a recommended course of action via our evaluation.

Pharmacy lab

The marketing tool “pharmacy lab” is the ideal instrument if you want to gain well-grounded insights into authentic sales- and consultation processes at a pharmacy’s point of sale. Follow the consumers’ purchasing processes as well as the consultation processes of the pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and of the pharmacy sales representative “live”. A test pharmacy equipped according to your ideas enables you to observe the test pharmacy purchases from a separate room via two one-way mirrors. On the other side of the interview room, you can witness the conduction of the survey regarding the sales- and consultation processes after these have been completed.

After visit studies

After your sales representative has informed the pharmacists and pharmacy technicians about your products and services, it is worthwhile to investigate how your target group absorbs information. We recommend running a Week-After-Visit (WAV) survey roughly a week after your representative’s visit. You get first-hand information on which of the sales representative’s messages were memorised and which materials were used. WAV analysis helps identify the potential for optimization of the sales force.