pharma-insight Announces Rebranding and Welcomes New Managing Director, Felix Tiede

[Hilden, 13th July 2023] - pharma-insight, a highly specialised provider of full-service market research for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, is delighted to welcome Felix Tiede as the company's new managing director and announce its new rebranding initiative. This rebranding represents a significant milestone for pharma-insight as since last year’s acquisition by M3, their comprehensive range of services has been significantly enhanced, with a continued commitment to ensure that even complex issues are translated into insights in a target-oriented manner to their global clients roster.

The rebranding initiative reflects pharma-insight’s dedication to remain at the forefront of market research innovation, and embrace modernity. With a blend of qualitative and quantitative methods, supported by modelling, ethnography, and creative techniques, the company’s individually tailored approaches provide comprehensive and meaningful research solutions. The refreshed brand identity embodies pharma-insight’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge methodologies that empower clients to extract actionable intelligence from the complex pharmaceutical and healthcare market.

Joining pharma-insight as the new managing director is Felix Tiede, a seasoned industry professional with an impressive track record of driving organisational success. With his extensive experience and strategic vision, Felix Tiede brings a wealth of knowledge to the company. He has a deep understanding of the market research landscape and a proven ability to develop and implement effective market research strategies that deliver actionable insights to clients.

“I am honoured to join pharma-Insight as the managing director during this pivotal moment in the company’s development,” said Felix Tiede. ” Looking ahead, continuity in our professional and methodological focus is the priority. In the future, this core competence will also mean an expansion of pharma-insight scope through M3’s global capabilities, including new markets but also expanded method sets. Our rebranding visually underlines a future-oriented strategy that brings together the best of both worlds.”

Under Tiede’s leadership, pharma-insight is poised to enhance its service offerings, expand its client base, and foster greater collaboration with industry stakeholders. Tiede’s strategic guidance will enable the company to navigate the evolving market landscape, capitalise on emerging opportunities, and address the advancing needs of clients effectively.

Through its rebranding initiative and the appointment of Felix Tiede as the new managing director, the company is well-positioned to provide comprehensive and tailored solutions that empower organisations to thrive in an ever-changing landscape. Clients can expect a continued focus on delivering unparalleled insights, incorporating syndicated data approaches, and expanding global reach.
Under the previous stewardship of founders Gabi and Guido Baus, pharma-insight earned a reputation as a trusted partner in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, offering a wide array of market research services that enable organisations to make informed decisions and drive strategic growth. The company’s approach combines modern methods with individualised solutions, ensuring that actionable insights are at the heart of every research endeavour.

About pharma-insight

pharma-insight is a leading provider of full-service market research for the pharmaceutical and healthcare market. The company delivers meaningful and reliable insights to organisations worldwide with a comprehensive range of services and individually tailored method sets. By combining modern research methods with client-specific objectives, pharma-insight empowers clients to make informed decisions and succeed in a complex industry.

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