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About us

Market research makes a difference

Our day-to-day dialogue with your target groups, ongoing market analysis and open minds enable us to offer services that excite our customers.

Our interdisciplinary team is always by your side, goal-oriented, opening new perspectives and thinking ahead. You can expect no less than future-oriented services and methods, tailor-made to fit your product.

pharma-insight was Founded

by Mrs. Dipl.-Ök. Gabi Baus and
Mr. Dipl.-Ök. Guido Baus

Company Transformation

from pharma-insight to pharma-insight GmbH


to Rathaus Palais, Merscheider Str. 3,

42699 Solingen


to Hilden,

Max-Volmer-Str. 28


acquired by
M3 Group

Working with you worldwide

Market research without borders – we operate for you internationally. Our close-knit network enables us to meet your requirements to the point

Assuming responsibility

We care about people – not just as far as your studies go but beyond. This is why social commitment is an important part of our corporate culture.

We are actively involved in “Wünsch Dir was e.V.” , a charity dedicated to granting seriously ill children wishes-of-a-lifetime.

Sponsorships-Making a difference


Amandine was born in 2007 and she and her family live in one of the most impoverished parts of Burundi (East Africa) as a part of the charity project „Muyaga“. As family income often is not sufficient to cover the family’s essential needs, pharma-insight GmbH sponsors Amandine’s and her family’s nutrition and education, a commitment that enables the family to have access to clean drinking water. pharma-insight GmbH is dedicated to supporting “Muyaga” and creating a brighter future for Amandine and her family.